A web-based claim management platform providing multi stakeholder access, BuildAssist includes tools to proactively manage claims of varying volumes, value and complexity from lodgement through to finalisation. Customised operational reporting and data extraction specific to stakeholders, provide visibility over internal and external performance. With one source of truth and compartmentalised access, claim management in BuildAssist is secure, transparent and low risk.

Claim Lodgement

Claim lodgement & triage processes facilitate the accurate definition of an event and subsequent loss that has occurred. Any urgent or critical actions to be taken are highlighted early. Collection of this critical information directs the correct settlement path, enabling proactive and effective management of claims.

Geographic Visibility

Google Maps API provides geographic visibility over claim portfolios allowing mapping of jobs and calculating distances to assist in the logistics of site attendances. The plotting of claims also provides a graphic illustration of clusters or spread during catastrophe responses, providing additional information for managing resources to respond.

KPI Management

KPI’s can be configured for both providers and internally, to manage and measure performance. Configuration can be set to manage in days, hours or minutes. Metrics are real time providing the best opportunity to meet and exceed expectations.

Project Management

Project management fundamentals incorporating durations, baselines, resourcing and dependencies are built into the project module of BuildAssist. Reporting provides accurate Point-In-Time information to inform stakeholders of the project history, current state and projections for completion.

Supply Chain Management

BuildAssist includes tools to manage the supply chain to ensure resources are available when and where required. Data can be presented to show allocations, repair values and work groups. The supply chain database will also facilitate storage and maintenance of compliance and health & safety documents.


Through our intuitive online portal, all providers quote on the same scope, giving a true “like-for-like” comparison without the need for physical attendance on-site. Scope queries and responses are displayed for all tendering providers, which maintains consistency and transparency throughout the tender process.